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Large-scale manufacturing

Located in southeast Michigan, SPS LLC is at the center of automotive industry.

Numerous case-studies have been performed in different automotive manufacturing plants such as Ford, GM, Chrysler, Toyota, Volvo, and many of their supplier plants.

In all of these projects, documented throughput improvement of 10% - 15% was constantly achieved.

PMA is a necessity for any modern manufacturing system. It can be installed on-premise as the more secure option. Or can be connected to your plant through the cloud, which is more suitable for less tech-heavy production systems.

By design, PMA is suitable for both large-scale high-tech auto manufacturers and OEMs with advanced data collection systems, and smaller suppliers with minimal or no data collection systems.

Automotive underbody assembly 

PMA methods have been tested in an underbody system of an automotive assembly plant, and we were able to improve overall system throughput by 10%. This improvement was achieved by re-prioritizing existing resources and better utilization of equipment. The suggested action plans included $0 costs for the plant management.

The production system under study was a multi-job system, meaning it was capable of producing multiple job-types at the same time. As a result, SPS team showed that depending on the product-mix of different job-types, throughput and bottlenecks may change, and it is important for the managers to be aware of such behaviors, when looking for improvement. 

PMA performs all these analyses autonomously and provides actionable recommendations on-demand. 

10% throughput increase



8 months thorough study

of the system

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