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Small manufacturing plants

When it comes to production system management and improvement, mid-size plants have totally different targets and requirements compared to large-scale enterprises. 

SPS PMA is designed with mid-size manufacturing plants in mind. It can be programmed to address problems that mid-size plant managers face in a daily basis. 

From lead time analysis and optimization, to WIP control, to lean manufacturing, to throughput maximization, all is available in PMA and can be curated to different manufacturing plants.

PMA requires minimal input from factory floor machinery, stations, and operators. So there is no need for huge investments in plant monitoring and data collection systems. 

A simple monitoring system that records stations uptime, downtime, and cycle times is enough to get you started with PMA. 

If your plant does not have advanced IT infrastructure, you can use our cloud-based solutions, without the need to purchase expensive computer equipment.

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