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Automating managerial decision-making on the factory floor

  • Are you frustrated that your Capital Expenditure investments fail to gain the improvements forecasted for your production line?

  • Are you concerned with overtime you need to meet production schedule?

  • Do you and your colleagues disagree on root-causes of throughput shortfalls?

  • Would a 10% improvement of your throughput matter for your bottom line?

From large-scale modern assembly plants to small manufacturing shops, Smart Production Systems LLC gives you the ability to make smart decisions by providing advanced analytical and AI solutions aimed to discover causes of production losses and calculate optimal steps for productivity improvement.

This is accomplished by Programmable Manufacturing Advisor (PMA), which is capable of diagnosing production system's health and calculating "low friction" solutions for achieving the desired productivity improvement (i.e., solutions which require minimal system modification, with no capital investments, and with quantitatively predicted results).

Programming and installing a PMA at a production system makes it smart (PMA-based SPS). No products similar to PMA are currently available on the market.

What we do

Decision-making automation

SPS Programmable Manufacturing Advisor (PMA) collects production data from factory floor, analyzes system performance, and provides best action plans based on desired target performance. 

Production systems analysis

SPS Production Systems Engineering Toolbox (PSE Toolbox) can analyze system performance under various what-if scenarios. It fits great within everyday workflow, and can be used during the production system design phase.

Production optimization

PMA can be programmed to provide suggestions for throughput optimization, lead time control and optimization, work-in-process (WIP) control, leanness optimization, and many more metrics.


Ideal for small and mid-size companies, SPS could-based solutions saves you a lot on IT and infrastructure costs.

Pay as you grow, with our cloud-based PMA.


Great for large-scale enterprises

Enjoy all the great benefits of PMA, from inside your organization. No need to expose your sensitive data over the cloud. 


SPS technology is developed  by scholars and professors from the best universities in US. 

The theory behind SPS has been published in the most credited scientific journals. 


SPS theory and methodology have been tested in tens of production systems in US and constantly resulted in significant savings and improvements.

Our success stories

Large-scale manufacturing:


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